WIM - Hearings #1

So, 6. November 2016 – 17:00 ics

For the first event of the WIM-Hearings, this year, we will have 2 sets of different music. One set will propose composed music and the second one will be improvised. The focus will be on existing and working projects in both fields.

1) Duo Tarozzi - Walker ---- Silvia Tarozzi - violin, Deborah Walker - cello
Pieces by: Philip Corner "wHoly Trinitye, a duality ov duos", "wHoly Trinitye, another duet, just one" (2016),
Tim Parkinson "For Silvia & Deborah" (2015), Malcolm Goldstein "Two seeking song, listening" (2014).

2) Jacques Demierre solo

WIM - Hearings is curated by Frantz Loriot for this coming season. Each event will be in 2 parts with 2 different ensembles. One set will focus on composed music and the second one on improvised music.

  • Silvia Tarozzi – Violine
  • Deborah Walker – Cello
  • Jacques Demierre – Klavier

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