Werkstattkonzert 1. Set

Fr, 30. September 2016 – 20:15 ics

Movimenti Lunari speaks of the relentlessness of natural forces. Something that seems to have no development, but instead advances inexorably. A form developing out of a memory progressively coming into focus; never still, constantly pulsating and vibrating with new elements.
Beyond any rational, analytic thought, sound belongs to Remembrance. Technology, a system based on stored data, is, instead, the reign of Memory. Memory and Remembrance are related and, when activated, directly influence each other. Sandro Memoria’s In Memoria questions this relationship in the form of a piece of music.
Francesco Gagliardi’s Untitled, January, speaks of a sound evoked by an image. A photograph. A foggy landscape seen from a train. Accompanied by a single instruction: ‘A drone, or drones. Any duration’.

  • Alessandra Novaga – Gitarre (I)

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