Werkstattkonzert 2. Set

Fr, 9. November 2018 – 21:00

In his solo project Carlo performs on a drum set or an assorted percussion set-up and utilizes an array of small percussion instruments and objects to access a wide range of sounds. His solo performances consist of slow moving long-form pieces which encompass a variety of textures that overlap, morph and cut into one another. In this project Carlo makes extensive use of improvisation and utilizes a distinct language which he has been developing for several years. The music ranges from drones to spacious meditative spaces, and from dense layered polyrhythms to quiet noise. Carlo has performed solo since 2012 and has had the opportunity to present the project in both the US and Europe.
On his October 2018 Europe tour Carlo will be presenting his first solo album, Oblio, which will be released on Neither/Nor Records shortly before the tour.

  • Carlo Costa – Schlagzeug

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